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Level 1: Methodology


1. Methodology annual license

2. Methodology certified instructor status

3. BeMoved instructor’s manual which contains: BeMoved’s philosophy & methodology and explanations of BeMoved’s teaching skills & techniques

4. Methodology class guide, which includes: the BeMoved class design, structure and flow

5. A step-by-step BeMoved choreography syllabus for warm up & cool down movement

6. A step-by-step BeMoved choreography syllabus for the genre combination you receive with your training

7. A music playlist to accompany the genre you receive

8. Online access to the instructor videos (shared via Vimeo) showcasing the genre

9. Access to the online support community of instructors who are also a resource to your continued success.  

Methodology Workshop Fee: $615 + Annual License Fee: $195

BeMoved in-person Certification courses are auditable for $150 within the 12 month period of taking the course.

All Level 1: Methodology in-person workshop attendees will be guided through the process by BeMoved's very own founder, Sherry Zunker, as well as other experienced BeMoved mentors who will provide immediate help and feedback, supporting the attendees as they learn the foundations of teaching the BeMoved dance style. Along with mentorship, a portion of the workshop is dedicated to the Business of BeMoved. With your training, you will receive:

Level 1: Methodology is a comprehensive two-day in-person workshop that focuses on BeMoved’s core principles, teaching methodology, and class structure. If you cannot attend in person, be sure to check out how to complete Level 1: Methodology ONLINE.


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Fund Your Career

BeMoved believes in helping our instructors receive the financial assistance necessary to further their career goals. Below are funding options to make your career a reality:

Payment plans

Installment Plans Available

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Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal

.NEW! BeMoved is now offering payment plans that will space out your workshop and license fee over time. To learn more click below.



Paid dance experience in the USA

Proof of earnings while dancing

Economic means will be considered

Through our partnership with Career Transitions for Dancers via The Actors fund, we are able to offer grants for training. To see if you quality please click below.

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Level 2: Certified Elite Status

Take your BeMoved career to the next level! Apply for Level 2: Certified Elite instructor status!

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BeMoved understands that unexpected circumstances may require workshop participants to register late for, defer, or cancel their scheduled BeMoved Instructor Certification Workshop. The following policies are in place to keep BeMoved’s operations running smoothly and to maintain the quality of our workshops.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: Participants have a suggested registration deadline of 30 days prior to the chosen BeMoved Workshop date. After the 30-day suggested deadline, participants may wait up until 2-weeks prior to the workshop to register, Once the 2-week prior threshold passes, participants will be charged a late registration fee of $125.00 that will be applied to the overall cost of said BeMoved Workshop and to their BeMoved payment plan should participants intend on utilizing a payment plan option.

DEFERMENT: Registered participants have the option to defer their registration to a future BeMoved Certification Workshop of equal training level. To take advantage of this offer, the participant must notify BeMoved in writing 24 hours in advanced of said workshop. A deferment fee of $100.00 will be applied at the time deferment is requested. Said deferment will expire upon the 1 year anniversary of deferment date. Every additional year participant defers, an additional $100.oo charge will be applied.

CANCELLATION: Participants who cancel within 24 hours of purchasing a BeMoved workshop will receive a full refund, minus 20% for administration and processing fees. After that 24-hour threshold, participants who cancel 30 days prior to said workshop, receive a 50% refund and will be charged an administration and processing fee of $70.00. Applicants who try to cancel after the 30-day threshold will be charged a late cancellation fee of $125.00 and will receive a 50% refund and will be charged an administration and processing fee of $70.00. Participants who utilize BeMoved's payment plan option will not be refunded their priorly paid increments upon cancellation.    


The Business of BeMoved

Want to learn more about the Business of BeMoved portion of the workshop?
Check out the Business of BeMoved page and see why people find this information so beneficial!

The Business of BeMoved is a comprehensive seminar provided in tandem with our Level 1: Methodology certification training workshop. This important seminar cover the essentials of the business, what you need to know when starting your BeMoved career, and all of the skills necessary for personal success.

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If you are interested in completing Level 1: Methodology ONLINE: CLICK HERE

P LEASE NOTE: Before you begin Level 1: Methodology, you must purchase the PREREQUISITE online course The Essential Movements of BeMoved® . After purchasing and studying The Essential Movements program you may  register for Level 1: Methodology certification .

To register for The Essential Movements of BeMoved® Click Here.

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