The Methodology of BeMoved® is an ONLINE Certification Course. This certification is required to become a Certified BeMoved Instructor and the first step in launching your BeMoved career.

The Methodology of BeMoved is a comprehensive educational certification course that focuses on establishing BeMoved's core principles, teaching methodology, and class structure. You will be guided through the certification course using "Step-by-Step" tutorial videos, Syllabi, and informational videos by BeMoved founder, Sherry Zunker. This progressive and easy-to-follow certification course will guide you through learning the fundamental techniques of BeMoved and prepare you to begin teaching BeMoved successfully.


Step One

Become a Follower of BeMoved Dance social media platforms. Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube | etc., to ensure you receive the most current & daily BeMoved brand messaging.

Step Two

Subscribe to the BeMoved® On-Demand Digital Studio.

Applicants who wish to become a Certified BeMoved Instructor must be an active subscribing member to the BeMoved On-Demand Digital Studio (the “Digital Studio”).  Certified BeMoved Instructors are required to maintain a Digital Studio subscription during their entire BeMoved career. Subscription cancellation will deactivate the Instructor's "License and Use" of BeMoved permissions to teach.

Step Three

Complete ten (10) Digital Studio Level One Classes.

Step Four

Complete the study of The Essential Movements of BeMoved.

Applicants can view The Essential Movements of BeMoved videos on the Digital Studio's Essential Movements tab. These informative videos will help you take your BeMoved pedagogy skills to new heights. The tutorials provide you with a rich understanding of how to execute each movement, introducing you to all of the possibilities that the style of movement can have. These tutorial videos demonstrate that BeMoved is not merely exercise - it's an expression of self through music, choreography, style and artistry. Mastery of The Essentials is a critical component in learning how to demonstrate the BeMoved Warm-Up and Cool Down.

Step Five

Read the BeMoved Terms and Conditions associated with your Instructor  License Agreement

Read the BeMoved Policies and Expectations for BeMoved Certified Instructors

Fill out the registration form and submit, along with your resume, by email to [email protected].  

Download: BeMoved Certification Registration Form.pdf

BeMoved is looking for applicants with a background in dance performance or extensive dance training (currently or in their history). BeMoved is looking for applicants who can learn and present choreography, follow a dance syllabus and have the ability to count music and teach steps to the beat of the music. Experience teaching dance or fitness classes is not required but is preferred. An understanding of technology as it relates to the needs of teaching and marketing classes is also necessary to succeed as a BeMoved Instructor.

Once an applicant completes steps 1 through 5, BeMoved will respond by email with information about how to complete registration for the Online Certification Course.

The Methodology of BeMoved Online Certification Course fee is $600. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Your access to the Methodology of BeMoved training materials commences upon registration payment for the Online Certification Course. Access to the certification course materials will be for a period of six months.  The pace of training will be dictated by the time you have available to devote to the coursework and how quickly you are able to learn the movement sequences and choreography.

All music used for your BeMoved career must be acquired through legitimate means and purchased by you. Music purchases may be made through music subscription services or individual song purchases.

To complete the Online Certification Course and be considered for licensure as a Certified BeMoved Instructor, applicants must submit a video of themselves teaching the BeMoved Wild Cool & Swingin' class for review by founder Sherry Zunker (applicants do not need participants to participate in the class Video submission). Ms. Zunker will evaluate your BeMoved class submission according to the following three criteria:

1. Execution of movement (steps, style, and technique);

2. Musicality;

3. Cueing and instruction.

When Ms. Zunker finds that the submission meets all the criteria listed above, you will be licensed as a Certified BeMoved Instructor. With this certification, you will also gain:

·     Personalized feedback from Sherry Zunker regarding teaching techniques via live video chat, as well as a written evaluation.

·    Live video chat with COO, Esther Jeles regarding the “Business of BeMoved” topics.

·    A formal license certificate reflecting your Certified BeMoved Instructor status.
·    Social Media Access to the BeMoved Instructor private group community.

·   Advance notification of in-person training intensives.

·   Access to all eleven Methodology genres, BeMoved genre tutorial videos, Syllabi, and BeMoved class Playlists on the BeMoved Methodology Digital Studio which includes an active “USE” of BeMoved® Products and Materials, Instructor Terms and Conditions Agreement, BeMoved Policies and Procedures, Trademark and Copyright License.

·  Instructors will be required to maintain their BeMoved Methodology Digital Studio subscription for their entire Methodology career. Subscription cancellation will deactivate the Instructor's teaching "License and Use" of BeMoved Instructor permissions.

In Summary

After your one time payment for the Methodology Certification course; your Methodology license remains active by way of two monthly subscription fees. 1. The BeMoved Methodology Digital Studio at (current pricing $42.95US/month) AND 2. continued education, recertification mandates remain fulfilled by current and active membership to (current pricing $19.95US/month) subscriptions. Subscription cancellation will deactivate the Instructor's teaching "License and Use" of BeMoved Instructor permissions. Recertification is required of all Certified BeMoved Instructors every 2 years. Currently, recertification requirements are fulfilled by membership to and active use of the Digital Studio. Recertification requirements are subject to change as in-person training opportunities become possible again.