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BACK-UP SINGER MOVES Get ready to be a backup singer for your favorite music superstar! The choreography is inspired by some of R&B’s greatest hits, ranging from classics by Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Spinners, and Frankie Valley to The Jackson 5 and The Backstreet Boys, just to name drop a few!

This genre is Inspired by the spectacle and elaborate dance scenes that Indian films are known for. Bollywood incorporates all kinds of dance styles, blending classical Indian dance forms with western popular styles including modern and jazz. These infectious dance moves will make you feel like you are on the set of a Bollywood movie.

DISCO Step back into the era of Studio 54, bell-bottoms and platform shoes — shake your groove thing to the infectious dance music of the 1970’s! Artists like Earth Wind & Fire, The Emotions, Cheryl Lynn and The Commodores will supply the soundtrack for this high energy & super fun class.

GOSPEL POP Lift your spirits and feel the inspirational beat by Gospel-infused pop songs, including tracks by Queen Latifah, Bebe and Cece Winans and Kirk Franklin. This is the ultimate feel good genre!

LATIN RHYTHMS Feel the Latin rhythms while dancing passionate choreography that keeps you engaged and energized with every movement. The movement includes social dance steps like the cha cha and samba to contemporary choreography you’d see in a Latin-based production number on the stage or screen.

MOVIN’ & GROOVIN Listen to what Lady Gaga says: Just Dance! With this feel-good dance class, learn basic freestyle moves that will keep you on the dance floor to tunes ranging from the Old school tunes from Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson to the chart toppers of today.

POP ON BROADWAY Revisit all your favorite musicals with Musical Theatre based dance moves. You’ll feel like you’re the one in the spotlight as you sing and dance along with tracks from The Lion King, Hairspray, Hamilton, Smokey Joes Cafe, Dreamgirls, and the list goes on and on!

PUMP UP THE 80s What do MTV, Solid Gold, huge hair and shoulder pads have in common? The 80's! Celebrate the music and the moves of this dance-infused era with steps that reflect your favorite 80's pop stars like Madonna, George Michael, Rick Astley and of course Michael & Janet Jackson!

PURE BEMOVED Born from lyrical jazz and contemporary dance, Pure BeMoved is the genre for those who love an immersive dance experience. Pure BeMoved uses expansive, breath-based movements along with rhythmic based steps, while utilizing an eclectic playlist including musical artists like Emeli Sande’, Ed Sheeran, Norah Jones, Jill Scott and Janet Jackson.

RHYTHM, COUNTRY, & BLUES Get the stomp & kick back in your step and feel the heartbeat of Americana with classics by Ray Charles and driving rhythms from The Blues Brothers! This genre blends great blues music with a pinch of country to serve up a dose of dancing that can shift between these two styles.

THE ROARING 20's Enter class as though it were a speakeasy and bring your flapper shoes to dance the Charleston until the sun comes up.  With this era came the beginning of jazz music and this class has a phenomenal music track ranging from classics by Cole Porter and Ella Fitzgerald to contemporary versions by Elvis Costello and Alanis Morissette.

SENSUAL SALSA Experience one of the most sensual and intoxicating of Latin dances in an approachable and fun atmosphere. You’ll start with the basic salsa step, then add beautiful arm and upper body movements to create a smooth salsa dance experience. No partner needed while dancing to a wide range of beautiful salsa music.

SOUL TOWN FUNK Experience moves to a rhythmic beat through a mixture of soul music, Jazz, and funk. Express your soul, and find your groove to tunes from Prince, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, and Lauren Hill to name a few.

STEPS THAT SWING Inspired by the 1940’s, learn the fundamentals of the Lindy, Jitterbug and other Swing essentials to tracks ranging from Benny Goodman to the Puppini Sisters and Scott Bradlee and the postmodern jukebox.

A throwback to the stylized mod world of Mad Men and Bob Fosse’s “Rich Man’s Frug” from “Sweet Charity.” Learn this stylized 1960’s choreography that has been seen on the popular 60’s TV show “Laugh In” and in Austin Powers Movie’s

THEATRICAL JAZZ Where classic jazz tunes meet the theatrical stage, you’ll Grapevine into elegant show dancing with a wink to the fosse style to the sounds of Etta James and Sarah Vaughan, as well as contemporary jazz artists such as Steve Tyrell and Diana Krall.

WILD, COOL, & SWINGIN’ Partner up with Sammy, Dino and Ol’ Blue Eyes for this Rat-Pack inspired genre. Learn choreography that will keep you cutting a rug to the great music of the era, including several cover tunes by contemporary artists like Michael Buble’

WORLD BEAT FUSION Travel the globe without leaving the studio with your BeMoved passport. This genre utilizes and blends African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Cuban and Celtic Rhythms and more allowing you to adjust the style and feel of the combination as you go from country to country.

CLASSICAL FUSION This genre is the most lyrical and romantic in the BeMoved® repertoire. The movement is a blend of contemporary ballet, the waltz, and essential BeMoved movements that are expansive and sweeping yet graceful and nuanced. The music for this genre is set to an eclectic playlist ranging from Chopin to Sia to Rogers and Hammerstein and more. Do not be hoodwinked by the word lyrical, The Waltz is quite the workout!