We like keeping our clients and instructors in the know, so we answered some commonly asked questions to help you on your BeMoved journey!

Where can I take classes?

Public classes can be located on our find a class page! If you want to inquire about expanding the BeMoved program to your area, please contact us at [email protected] with your inquiry! BeMoved is also offered at senior living communities, medical centers, corporate fitness programs, health recovery & support facilities - check your local area for details.

What is a genre?

Genre's are BeMoved's varied classes and styles we offer! Check out BeMoved's About Classes page for a full list of our currently offered genres!

What is instructor training?

BeMoved offers instructor trainings to individuals interested in pursuing a teaching career in BeMoved's unique brand of dance fitness. Check out our Instructor Training page for more information on each of our trainings!

What training courses do you offer?

At BeMoved, we offer a prerequisite training program, 3 levels of certification, and additional certifications to help diversify your BeMoved career path. In order to be eligible for instructor certification, you must first complete the prerequisite program:  

The Essential Movements of BeMoved.
Once you complete the prerequisite, you may pursue the following instructor certification programs:

Additional certifications include Gentle BeMoved.

For more information about each course, visit our BeMoved Instructor Training Page , or click on the above course names to visit each training page!

How much does training it cost?

Trainings vary in cost. Level 1: Methodology is $615.00 and the annual Methodology license fee is $195.00

Training for Gentle BeMoved is $300.00 and the annual Gentle license fee is $150.00. The annual licensing fee for Gentle would be applied on top of the annual Methodology license fee of $195.00

Level 2: Certified Elite costs $150.00 for the review process, but has no other fees associated with the certification.

Level 3: Artistry is $500.00 for the course and the annual Artistry license fee is $250.00. Your Artistry license fee will replace your annual Methodology license fee.

What if I can't afford the training?

BeMoved offers grants and scholarships for potential instructors that show an intense interest and/or demonstrate exceptional abilities in training with BeMoved. BeMoved is also offering payment plans for individuals interested in breaking up their payments. For more information please check out our Grants and Scholarships page.

What if I can't make it to a training I paid for?

BeMoved allows instructors to defer their instruction date should issues arise. A one time deferment fee of $100.00 dollars will be applied at the time of deferment and instructors can attend any of the BeMoved trainings of equal level within that same calendar year. Every subsequent year of deferment another $100.00 fee will be charged.  For more information check out BeMoved's Terms and Conditions page!

Do I have to keep buying genres?

BeMoved never forces our instructors to purchase anything, period. The purchasing of genres is left completely up to the instructor. Should you wish to purchase a genre, the cost is $90.00 for the training videos, syllabus, and playlist.

What are the benefits of going to a BeMoved training over other fitness programs?

At BeMoved, we believe in quality over quantity trainings and work on helping all our potential instructors feel supported and guided through the entire process. From the pre-study videos we release prior to the training, to the actual day that's fully planned out for the attendees continued success, BeMoved makes sure Instructors feel confident when leaving our workshops. BeMoved utilizes small class sizes, meticulously crafted materials (binders highlighting the policy, philosophy, and methodology of BeMoved, as well as comprehensive syllabi for the genres you receive), individualized feedback, for our ultimate training experience. To learn more about BeMoved's trainings and why instructors love them, check out or Instructor Training and Testimonials pages for more info!

What is "auditing?"

Auditing is one of the perks of training with BeMoved! Once you take one of our BeMoved certification courses, as a current instructor, you may audit, or take a course of equal level again throughout your first year for a reduced rate of $150.00.

What is my time commitment for training? How often do I need to recertify?

BeMoved's time commitment requires that instructors re-certify within the 24th-36th month from their original training. Level 1: Methodology and Level 3: Artistry  recertification fees are offered at a reduced rate of $225.00.  .

Who do I contact with my questions?

Should any other questions arise, please contact [email protected] for more information.

What is "Recertification?"

Recertification is required 24 months after your initial BeMoved workshop, you come back and re-take the course as a refresher in the basics of your BeMoved level of education.