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Build Your Own Career

BeMoved believes that you should grow your career when and how you like! We let our instructors set the pace and make sure they feel empowered with any career investments they make with BeMoved!

To view our career chart, follow the steps below for maximum ease:

1. Scroll down to the career chart box below

2. Click the "Present" button that looks like this:

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How to Use the Chart

3. Let the chart finish loading. The chart should look like this before use:

4. Once the chart has fully loaded you have 2 choices for looking through the chart:

Or, utilize your actual keyboard directional keys, clicking the right arrow to navigate through the chart like the illustration below:

Either utilize the directional arrows at the bottom of the chart by clicking the right arrow with your mouse or touch  pad, that looks like this:

7. The chart's path will take you through every option for the program, but if you want to re-visit any slides, just use the left arrow option either on the bar of the chart, or on your own keyboard, to navigate back to previous options.

8. If you wish to exit the chart, move your curser outside of the chart container, click the main website page then proceed to scroll around our regular site.

The text may look small at first, but once you start clicking through all the text will enlarge

Build Your Own Career